Monday, 21 September 2009

Write a question, kickstart your writing

Sometimes when I sit down to write it feels like an impossible mountain to climb. I have a problem, I can't find my way through, I start to go down the distraction route, make coffee, fill the washing machine. Anything to run away from the mountain. But I know that the problem won't go away. I have to resolve it to restart the flow of writing. What can I do?

If you find yourself avoiding getting down to it because you are stuck, ask yourself a question and write the question down. Then answer the question. For example :
What do I want to write about? Why doesn't L. get out of bed? What is the problem here?
Then ask another and another and each time answer the question. Invariably I start with writing language which has nothing to do with the text and find within minutes that I am back in character and whizzing forward. My character solves the problem and its all systems go.


  1. always such good ideas, thanks Miriam...

  2. welcome to the blogosphere and
    glad to have the opportunity to learn even more from you

  3. Great idea. I'll definitely give it a go.


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