Thursday, 17 September 2009

Write a sentence, but write everyday.

Write everyday to keep yourself limbered up and in practice as a writer. The more you write the easier it will become. Even if you only write one sentence.What about your shopping list?Choose half a dozen items and turn them into poetry.
Tesco Blues
Wholemeal bread, deodorant
mouthwash out those crumpets
hygiene gel,
salmon fillets
drown the lot in pasta sauce,
2.5 potatoes, another bag of spuds
tuna chunks
facial wipes
Man, I've got the bluegel blues
Write every day, even if it is just a few words, play about with ordinary everyday words in your life, shopping lists, notes to the teacher, reminders on the fridge. We are surrounded by words. They are the very stuff of life. HAPPY WRITING


  1. I think this activity would work well with kids in the classroom so will try it with the 13 year olds I'm going to be with soon. I bet it would also work well with younger children - Key stage 1 do list poems sometimes. I am a great believer that writing activities used at an adult level should be taken into the classroom. I think us teachers should investigate this further...

  2. Look forward to hearing how this works with your pupils.


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